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The Incorrect Screw

This morning while pulling open a dresser drawer, part the handle popped off due to one missing screw and so, to the hardware store I went.  “Where do you keep the screws?”  I asked, being directed to the nuts and bolts area, which boasted an enormous assortment of screws.  Each screw differed slightly from one to another and in that moment, I was unsure of the right one. So, grabbing a screw that I thought was the one, I hastened towards the cashier, I was confident in my choice and believed I had the right one.  Now, holding the screwdriver in hand, I tried to insert the screw and begin the process of securing the drawer with its handle.  Immediately, I realized that I have chosen the incorrect screw, as it was the wrong thread and size to properly complete my task of attaching the handle.  Of course, I was furious with myself, for now, I must return to the hardware store and this time, I must learn the requirements to properly complete this task.

My experience with the screw translates to those people, people who have experienced that awakening to needing the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives and rush to the local bookstore to buy a Bible.  But then they are face to face with an intimidating variety of bible translations and unwittingly, they blindly pick one, thinking that a bible is a bible.  Similar methods are employed when choosing a church and/or a doctrine that will leave you with the incorrect screw on judgment day.  It is absolutely imperative that people understand that not all bibles (i.e. English translations), churches (i.e. doctrines), are equally truthful and making the incorrect choice, well that has serious eternal consequences, such as no second chances.  You stand before the King of Kings, ill-equipped, there is zero opportunity to rewind and make the educated decision.

Do Not Trust Your Eternity to Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe…

My prayer is that you will be intellectually honest with yourself and test all things against the word of God.

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