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Recommended Reading “The Supreme Scientist”

Some authors write with a political-correctness slant and other authors are direct in their message.  This is the case with Gerald N. Wright’s excellent work “The Supreme Scientist.”  Gerald’s presents an honest defense of the Divine Creation, which is in opposition to the devilish theories of Atheistic and Evolutionary Creationism. 

The very title reveals that! This book contains simple logic, solid science and comprehensive scriptural support for every facet: which includes a verse-by-verse exposition of the Genesis Creation Account, as well as many other related creation and earth-science texts”

It is an anthem of praise for the Conquering Christ and a declaration of war against the cowards of elitist academia who continue to propagate one of the most unscientific, unhistorical and anti-biblical theories that have been used to wreak havoc on the minds and souls of humanity. Read more about this book in

Gerald N. Wright asks, “if you would like to know…”

  1. Everything that can be known about the beginning of our universe, just ask the Supreme Scientist.
  2. All the true scientific facts about the creation of our earth and all life, just ask the Supreme Scientist.
  3. All about your personal “roots” and true “family tree,” just ask the Supreme Scientist…
  4. How to best use and take care of your physical body – as per your lifestyle, work ethic, health, and diet – just ask the Supreme Scientist.
  5. How to enhance and extend your mortality, just ask the Supreme Scientist.
  6. All about your spiritual “soul” – its Father, Image, and worth – just ask the Supreme Scientist.

Gerald N. Wright having authored many books, each of Gerald’s books has taught me that asking the Supreme Scientist, will underlie my studies and this book “The Supreme Scientist” will direct you to the Creator and His Book.

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