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Hell’s Pied Pipers

As this world, having been subverted by a throng of Hell’s Pied Pipers; it is plausible that the extreme foolishness of the general public and especially the self-professing Christians that openly display a complete disregard for New Testament Christianity.  What results from their blind ambition, is the increase that they will succumb to the whims of popular religious trends and with no apprehension towards what is correct or incorrect. 

Present-day society holds little to no value that words mean things and any application, which might derive from words, is subjective at best.  The person speaking often gives no assurance that the words being spoken are in fact, the pure and preserved words of the LORD.  As a replacement for the LORD’S pure words, men choose alternative words with reckless abandon and the chances of man’s words paralleling the LORD’S words is almost nil.  As this is most unfortunate, for this method secures one’s own fate.

While social engineers have successfully infiltrated the world’s church population, which has given rise to generations of mentally enslaved zombies.  Indoctrination methods range from media outlets (e.g. television, print, etc.), government propaganda centers (i.e. public school), ecumenical churches, and within the halls of academia.

Capturing the mind, must begin within the early stages of innocence and are susceptible to social conditioning.  People having been convinced, they have the skills of critical thinking, while regurgitating distorted ideologies as mind-numbed robots and unconsciously acquiescing to the seeds planted within their mind.  For the mentally enslaved, who assert critical thinking and the notion that absolute truth is subjective, will also, attest that no room exists for independent thinking, which is foreign, as-well-as elusive to them.

Now, Hell’s Pied Pipers are masters at placing the mentally enslaved at great risk and if their accepted point of view, is ever shattered, they default by playing the ideological trump card.  Far too many people earnestly fear the absolute truth, truth, which might expose their false ideology and if their fear stems from a deficiency of knowledge, then their apprehension is definitely warranted.  

Are professing Christians immune from such mental enslavement, absolutely not, in fact, far too many see their faith through rose-colored glasses.  Of course, this blinds them to the truth, so, now is the real question.  Oh yeah, I forgot, the enslaved mind seeks answers that simulate their emotions and fit neatly within their box of beliefs; from outside of Christ, they can merely describe what they see as truth.  Is there an answer, which explains how the LORD’S pure and preserved words can stay so elusive to the self-professing Christian?  Yes, there is.  They look beyond the Lord Jesus Christ and accept the claimed truth of men, men easily exposed as false teachers.  In most cases, these men work as co intel pro/disinformation agents and kneel before their master, Lucifer.

These false teachers, offer lies, lies wrapped in an all-inclusive message (i.e. ecumenicalism) that seduces and veils the Lord’s truth, which keeps their followers in perpetual blindness.  Like the following Pied Pipers of hell: Billy Graham Jr.; T.D. Jakes; Benny Hinn; Fred Phelps; Les Feldick; Pat Robertson; James Dobson; Joel Osteen; Charles Taze Russell; John Hagee; Rick Warren; and Charles Spurgeon, etc.

Not forgetting the destructive nature of feminism, which produces female false preachers, preachers like, Isabel Carter Heyward, she is an Episcopalian priest, a lesbian, and a militant feminist, which promotes child sacrifice (i.e. abortion).  Only a child of Satan would advocate the theory that “If women were in charge, abortion would be a sacrament, an occasion of deep and serious and sacred meaning,” which is utterly demonic.  Perhaps the most prominent female false teacher is Joyce Meyer and the women who follow Joyce Meyer reject all authority but their own.  The women who follow Joyce Meyer, believe they have become empowered.

It ought to behoove every professing Christian, not to neglect the words of Christ Jesus, “[n]ot every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 7:21).  Having absolute truth, requires 100% of the words of the LORD and it is not subjective, anything less than 100% of the facts, leads to damnation.

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