Dissenting Voice Not Permitted

Sunday mornings across this nation, begin with a vast migration of self-professing Christians, Christians making their way to one of the numerous religious organizations that make up this modern carnival of churches.  The masses are as diverse as the religious houses they attend, they are uncompromising and fierce in their devotion to their chosen entity.  As they find a pew and take up residency, their anticipation for their next infusion of claimed truths, shines upon their faces.  The individual’s responsibility for self-procurement of “the truth,” has been overthrown by the drive-thru ease of indoctrination and predisposes the lackadaisical searcher to dismiss any other teaching that stands in direct opposition to what they have already accepted.

Within this carnival of churches, exists a sundry of specially blended doctrines that are carelessly dispensed and masquerade as Biblical doctrines to the unlearned, who willingly accepts the winds of change, rather than the definitive word of God.  In the present-day, little importance is given towards biblical accuracy, when it comes to that which is being taught and this allows for a perpetuating trend of obsoleting God’s absolute truth.  Those seeking spiritual nourishment, find that being subtly spoon-fed from the pulpit, requires little effort and entices the Christian to carelessly acquiesce to their distorted theologies.  To ignore the example of the Bereans, who “were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11), the majority of Christians thoughtlessly embrace the toxicity of these messages.  It is concerning that a majority of self-professed Christians will grasp hold of another’s claimed-truth and then recklessly regurgitate this unlearned knowledge as fact. For the untold souls that follow this method, will find themselves on the wide-path of destruction.

Unfortunately, Sunday morning indoctrination seminars are overflowing with the mentally enslaved and this has given rise to spectator Christianity.  Where Christians are relegated to a state of silence, which is demanded and the enslaved spectators are given falsehoods to digest, giving way to apathy.  Those voices that derive from the pulpit, are accepted without question and in the event, something spoken is incorrect, the modern decorum is intolerant of dissenting voices from the peanut gallery.  Questions or corrections are often squashed, there is no room for open discussion of a teaching and this is regardless if during or following the service.

There is one mantra elevated within some congregations, is that “where the Bible speaks; we speak; where the Bible is silent, we are silent” (Thomas Campbell – 1809), this principle is a delusion and nothing more in the present-day church.  For those who have rejected independent study, in favor of verbal brainwashing, are incapable of detecting falsehoods and suppressed words of the LORD.  One negative to the mentally enslave spectator, is their contentment with the theologies they have been indoctrinated with and they lack the mental fortitude to challenge the status quo.  This satisfaction keeps them shackled to the chains of ignorant bliss and if they ever strive to break those chains, they will become ostracized by those who remain comfortably numb in their falsehood.

Why is it so comforting for those who have succumbed to indoctrination, could it be that its consequences resemble that of psychoactive drugs that alter one’s mental state and modifying their emotions, perceptions, and critical thinking skills.  The truth remains in the overabundance of religious institutions that prohibit dissenting voices and those members that who turn a blind eye to this matter, are themselves co-conspirators to this charade.  If the truth, is the purpose for gathering together, then making waves ought to be encouraged and not pressured to self-censor.  Where are the truth seekers, those willing to demand open discourse in the service, just as described in the book of 1 Corinthians 14: 29-33?  It is a sad fact, the default for most Christians, is to surrender independent thought and conforming to the status quo of the congregation, as it allows them to remain safe within the cocoon of indoctrination.

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